Captain Clegg

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Aventura Drama Terror

Capa do filme Captain Clegg
Idioma(s) do Áudio Inglês
Gênero(s) Aventura, Drama, Terror
Duração 80 minutos
Data de Lançamento 13/06/1962
Avaliação IMDB

Sinopse: What secret lay behind the dreaded Marsh Phantoms, the ghostly riders whose silent approach in the darkness of the bleak, unwelcoming Romney Marshes causes men to die of fright? Are they a genuine manifestation or a cover for illegal smuggling activities. Perhaps Dr Blyss, the benign vicar of the quiet village of Dymchurch, knows the truth about the ruthless pirate and smuggler who lies buried in the village graveyard and can unravel the phenomenon of the curse of Captain Clegg.

Imagens do filme Captain Clegg

Imagem do Filme Captain Clegg

Trailer e Vídeos


Rev. Dr. Blyss
Imogene Clegg - serving wench
Capt. Collier
Harry Cobtree
Jeremiah Mipps
Mr. Rash
Navy bos'un
Squire Anthony Cobtree
Mrs. Rash
The Mulatto
Frightened Man
Sailor Dick Tate
Old Tom Ketch
Sailor Jack Pott

Equipe Técnica

Peter Graham Scott
Russell Thorndike
Additional Dialogue:
Barbara S. Harper
Anthony Hinds
John Temple-Smith
Original Music Composer:
Don Banks
Director of Photography:
Arthur Grant
Eric Boyd-Perkins
Production Design:
Bernard Robinson
Art Direction:
Don Mingaye
Makeup Artist:
Roy Ashton

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