Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits

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Comédia Crime Música Suspense

Capa do filme Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits
Idioma(s) do Áudio Inglês
Gênero(s) Comédia, Crime, Música, Suspense
Duração 90 minutos
Data de Lançamento 10/08/2005
Avaliação IMDB

Sinopse: Down-and-out lounge singer Johnny Slade is hired by a mystery man to open a hot new club, the catch being he's given a new--and terrible--song to sing each night. Noticing that whenever he sings one a new crime is committed, Johnny gradually realizes his songwriter-benefactor is a powerful mob boss in hiding and his "Greatest Hits" are the only way the man can give orders to his crew...

Imagens do filme Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits

Imagem do Filme Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits


Johnny Slade
Mr. Samantha
Jerry Kaminski
Charlie Payne
Lou Genova
Steve Labonte
Al Colletti
Red Peters (as Doug Stevens)
Special Agent O'Donell
Abner Hunnicutt (as Joe Gannascoli)

Equipe Técnica

Larry Blamire
Joe Bentivegna
John Fiore

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