Kiss Me Kate

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Capa do filme Kiss Me Kate
Idioma(s) do Áudio Inglês
Gênero(s) Música
Duração 109 minutos
Data de Lançamento 26/11/1953
Avaliação IMDB

Sinopse: Fred and Lilly are a divorced pair of actors who are brought together by Cole Porter who has written a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew. Of course, the couple seem to act a great deal like the characters they play. A fight on the opening night threatens the production, as well as two thugs who have the mistaken idea that Fred owes their boss money and insist on staying next to him all night.

Imagens do filme Kiss Me Kate

Imagem do Filme Kiss Me Kate

Trailer e Vídeos


Lilli Vanessi / Katherine "Kate"
Fred Graham / Petruchio
Lois Lane / Bianca
Bill Calhoun 'Lucentio'
Cole Porter
Tex Callaway

Equipe Técnica

George Sidney
Dorothy Kingsley
Theatre Play:
Sam Spewack
Theatre Play:
Bella Spewack
Theatre Play:
William Shakespeare

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